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Certains se croient meilleurs que les autres et se disent éveillés, en lutte contre l'injustice, la domination des uns par les autres ou le contraire. Parmi ces gens, en lutte, se mélangent toutes sortes de « victimes » de discriminations réelles ou fantasmées.

Texte de sri hans Yoganand ji sur le wokisme, le décolonialisme et les bons sentiments manipulés.
Des personnes manipulent les bons sentiments des foules pour de mauvaises raisons







Wokism and secret war




At the moment, in our countries where people have time to lose in conjecture, there is a problem: the battles of concepts, of communications, of shouts, of invective between the supporters of reason and those of emotions, for some or between the reactionaries of the extreme right, fascists and progressives, for others. Above that, there are people who are politicized, religious or not, who manipulate ignorance and emotions to achieve their ends.



Some people think they are better than others and say they are awake, in struggle against injustice, domination of each other or the contrary. Among these people, in struggle, are all kinds of «victims» of real or fantasized discrimination. There are people who are confused about their gender, homosexuals, “racialized” people (by whom?).



The descendants of the colonized, the women who think they are victims of unequal treatment, and the practitioners of a religion that is much talked about, come together to fight against western society, as it is today. A detail about colonization: France was colonized once by the Romans, once by the Franks, who were Germans, and once by the English, not to mention, for some time now, by the Americans.




Skin color




Most of these mobilized people are after the Western heterosexual white man. Such an actress counts the number of blacks in the audience of a ceremony, this in a country where the majority of people is white and is surprised that blacks are in minority. Such a singer, from a favored milieu, winner of a Talent Show  and living of her passion, says to be afraid, when she sees police officers... Why? Did she commit a crime?



An adulated, black-skinned comedian, at the top of all the popularity polls, thinks his country racist, this country where he is adored and where he made his success, a footballer millionaire follows him. A politician «of colour», is the spokesperson of people of colour, to say how little chance his country gives them. This person, from a very affluent background, managed to rise to the highest heights of the state. Are these people ostracized? What are they complaining about? For being discriminated against? Or that the majority of people in the West are white?



The mayor of a big city in England fires musicians, the big orchestra, because they are white, in order to replace them with musicians of color. It should be noted that this mayor is himself of colour. We’re gonna undo the white man statues, rename the streets, name them people of color, change the language to reflect a minority, confused about their gender.



In truth, all this confusion is the result of a political struggle to change capitalist society, it is a cold war. There are left-wing reconverted and extremist Muslims, with the same goal, but not for the same reasons. Some want to destroy capitalism, others want to conquer the world and convert it, by force, to the rigorist Islam, that of origins, as they dream.




The white man




A heterosexual white man is forbidden to speak, to give his opinion, because he is wrong to be a man, to be white and to be heterosexual. Because of this, he would be domineering, violent and complicit in the discrimination suffered by women, homosexuals, blurred genders, “racialized” people, born of the ignoble colonization, etc.



I am a white, heterosexual man and I have suffered many forms of discrimination all my life. I must tell you that I am an orphan and that I lived in an orphanage, nannies, various pensions until my majority, in 1974, when the majority went from 21 to 18.



That year, I was living in a nursing home and after graduating, I had to do an IUT to be a social worker. Just after the majority had passed to 18, I returned to my home in the evening and was forbidden entry: I was of age. I found myself on the street, without money, without qualifications, without family, without housing. If it’s not discrimination! My white privilege didn’t serve me very well.



I have a family name of Portuguese origin, my paternal grandfather was a Brazilian political refugee. Now I also have an Indian name, a name I was given when I lived in India in the 1970s. During my childhood, I was often chased, throwing stones at me and shouting: Portos! Portos ! ».



At the time, we were also after the “ritals”, the “blackfeet”, and a little bit, again, the Jews. All my life, when people asked me my name, that I said it, they asked me if I was Portuguese and I answered that I was French, born in Paris, of parents both born in Paris. I was told that I was Portuguese because I had a Portuguese name. My Portuguese name has always identified me, in the eyes of others, as a foreigner.








Discrimination in housing: no need to be black or North African to be refused housing, it is enough to be poor, not to have a permanent contract or a deposit! I’ve always been discriminated against in housing because of it, except when I had the means, because of work. Everyone suffered discrimination and being white and male was never a privilege. In France, in the event of divorce, being a man prevents us from having custody of our children, whom we see only one week-end on two when we are not accused of violence or incest so that we no longer see them.




Racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia




It is said that racism reigns in France, it is false: it is, most of the time, not racism, but xenophobia. It may not be appreciated to see a large number of foreigners settling in one’s country, without however considering them as inferior. The Portuguese, Italians, Spaniards are, for the most part, white! But, they were, when they were being chased by throwing stones at them, foreigners.



The blacks, the Maghrebis are also foreigners, of origin! Like me I was «Portuguese» of origin! The fact that black people have "black" skin has nothing to do with it. For the Maghrebis, it is Islamophobia, not racism. Islam is a religion, not a race!



Those who judge and classify people in terms of the colour of their skin, gender and sexuality are racist idiots, manipulated by extremist or extreme-left wing Muslim politicians. What characterizes a person is his soul and the soul has neither color nor gender. People today are not guilty of the deeds committed by their ancestors!



Arab Muslims have long practiced slavery and colonization. Even Turkish Muslims (Ottomans), practiced colonization. In Africa, kingdoms subjected other peoples of Africa to their laws, colonized them and often enslaved them. Most of the time the wokes have read few serious history books. These are found in the city and in the faculties of humanities and political sciences.



These people think that people who love their history, their culture, their language, their country, their ways and customs are fascists who must be silenced at all costs! Under self-righteous pretexts, they despise whites, Christians, Westerners, heterosexuals.



The reason for this resentment, this hatred is not well thought out, it is political and fashionable, like veganism, animalism, antispecism and all these sorts of things. These people are driven by their emotions, reason has nothing to say. According to Indian mystical philosophy, they are dominated by guna rajas.



When reading the sacred books of Eastern spirituality, such as the Bhagavad-Gita, the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Upanishads, the Guru-Granth-Sahib, the Yogasûtra, the Suttas, the Tao-Te-King, the New Testament, etc. there is no mention of gender differences, the colour of the skin (except in the Bhagavad-Gita where we speak of «black», under the Sanskrit term «krishna»). The difference between Men found in these books is between those who have knowledge (not learned) and those who are in ignorance (or nescience).



Humanity, in Eastern spirituality, is mentally subjected to the three gunas* and divided into three groups, those who are more subject to sattva, those who are more subject to rajas and those who are more subject to tamas. Hindus have castes, but that’s another story! One absolutely cannot live a spiritual life with a woke thought and yet the word “woke” comes from awakening, but the awakening, of which this word speaks, is not that of the Buddhas (bhodi). It is more akin to the awakening of conspirators who believe they are exceptional people who know what the majority sheep flock does not know.


* Guna: For «Sàmkhya» and «Yoga», the gunas are divided into three essential tendencies: «sattva», purity, truth; rajas, energy, passions, strength, desire; “tamas”, darkness, heaviness, inertia. These three gunas, independent in themselves, are constantly intertwined in the differentiated nature and their reciprocal action controls all the evolution of matter. It is important to first cultivate Sattva and then transcend it. (Wikipedia)




The secret war




The wokes, under the guise of good feelings, reproduce what they reproach the straight Western white men of the past: a tendency to impose their views and an intolerance, a contempt for those who do not think «well». Hell is paved with good intentions, in the meantime, the countries (China, Russia, Turkey) and the religious (fundamentalist Muslims) who maintain the embers of division, have only one goal: destroy the capitalist West and impose Islam. These dark agitators secretly use these woke, decolonizing young people to split the West, to break its cohesion. In the days of Stalin and Mao, we spoke of agitprop.





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